Erosion Control and Water Retention Services

Due to the monsoonal conditions experienced in Central America, erosion control and pluvial water maintenance, is a major concern for most projects, large or small.  We have been using The Vetiver System for over 15 years and it is a proven system that works well in our climate and with our types of soil.   Using the Vetiver System in combination with different types of coconut fiber, and shade cloth ground covers, we have successfully sustained various types of cuts and refill areas over the years.   We also incorporate Anti-Erosion wattles, which are locally made, for areas that require ‘a little’ more help.

We also offer Earth movement services in which we direct the rain waters over larger areas and then into infiltration areas where they have a chance to permeate into the aquifers instead of just running into the ocean with all of your sediment.

erosion control

Our Erosion Control Services

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