Nursery Materials

Welcome to our nursery, Vivero de Venado.

Greengo Gardens along with Vivero de Venado has over 5 acres of Nursery production, and is located in a dry-temperate climate.   We offer a large selection of drought resistant / drought tolerant plants, as well as ornamental, native and tropical plants.  We also can contract grow plants in large quantities, if needed.

Below is just a small sample of the plants we offer.  We also have many native and climate adaptable trees and shrubs, ‘collector palms, native ground covers, and specialty plants for almost every garden application.

  • Accelorphe Wrightii
  • Aiphanes Minima
  • Attalea Butyracea
  • Arenga Sp. Various
  • Bismarkia Nobilis
  • Carpenteria Acuminata
  • Caryota Sp. Various
  • Cocos Nucifera
  • Copernecia Sp. Various
  • Coccothrinax Sp. Various
  • Dioon Spinulosum
  • Dypsis Sp. Various
  • Hyophorbe Sp. 2 types
  • Livistona Sp. Various
  • Phoenix Sp. Various
  • Pritchardia Pacifica
  • Pytchosperma Sp. Various
  • Rhaphis Excelsa
  • Roystonia Regia
  • Sabal Sp. Various
  • Syagrus Sp. Various
  • Thrinax Radiata
  • Wodyetia Bifurcata
  • Veitchia Joannis
  • Zamia Sp. Various.
  • Aloe Sp. Various
  • Agave Sp. Various
  • Bouganvillea Sp. Variety of colors
  • Bromeliads Sp. Many different species
  • Cactus Sp. Various
  • Clusia Sp. Various
  • Coccolobo Uvifera
  • Conocarpus Erectus
  • Icaco both Green and Red-Tip
  • Ficus Sp. Various
  • Pennisetum Sp. Various
  • Plumeria Sp. Variety of colors
  • Sanseveria Sp. Various
  • Tecoma stans
  • Vetiver Z.

Stock Plant Gallery

Here are just a few examples from our nursery!